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The Presque Isle River, identified here only as `Stream`

Presque Isle \press 'teel\ n - A small-to-medium-sized river in western Carleton County; "We went fishin' down the Presque Isle." With headwaters in eastern Aroostook County (near Easton), the river's Canadian origin is at the Centreville, N.B. border crossing, from whence it empties into the Saint John River at Florenceville, some 12 miles away. The origin of the river's name is unclear: the largest city in Aroostook County (being flanked by two rivers) is named Presque Isle ("press kyle," i.e. "almost an island"). Neither river, however, is the aforementioned Presque Isle River. The more-or-less arbitrary difference in pronunciation ("press kyle" vs. "press steel") may be a convenient means of differentiating the two locales. NEXT»

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