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This website is intended to be read as a book, one page at a time. Use the "NEXT»" hyperlinks to turn the page, or click on the left and right margins of the book's pages to flip back and forth. You may also browse for specific terms by clicking on the appropriate "finger tabs" at the extreme right-hand side of the page. Each tab links to an index page containing a "dropdown menu" from which you may select a specific term. Note that the book's entries are extensively cross-referenced - click on a hyperlinked term to jump to the corresponding entry.

Each term in the book is accompanied by an audio clip, to illustrate the usage examples found within the entry. Simply click on the "play" button to hear the audio clip. You must have installed the Real Player plug-in in order to play the audio clips. Real Player Basic is included with the most popular browsers, but if by chance you don't have it installed you can get it for free from Real Networks. NEXT»

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