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If we can add feeling and unspoken detail through emphatic language, we can also do the same with descriptive imagery. As you read through the dictionary, you will begin to understand that ours is a metaphorical culture - we are a visual people; our words and phrases reflect this. The statement "we were driving very fast," would translate to "we were just piss-cuttin' it," conjuring up images of hot pee slashing an instant and steamy swath through the wind-blown snow. Well, maybe to you, it wouldn't. But you have to agree: it sure is faster.

I lived in the United States for a number of years, and at some point realized that I had an accent. For a while, I steadfastly refused to believe this, especially when mid-western Americans gleefully called my attention to it. It was the typical "I don't have an accent - you do" syndrome. However, as my oddball words and phrases continued to provide non-stop entertainment for most of the people I met, I finally relented and agreed that they were on to something. That was when I began putting words to paper, and this site was the eventual result of that exercise. NEXT»

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