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This leads us to the title, Carleton County Colloquialisms. Like many regional dictionaries you may have seen or read, the site's original title, Right Out Straight: A Dictionary of Carleton County, was derived by using an entry from the book itself. The title changed after I sent the "web-u-script" to Peter, who created the masterful title and cover you see today. Since he'd worked so hard and it looked so nice, I didn't have the heart to ask him to change it. But the more I thought about it, the more apt the new title became.

The language of Carleton County did not develop in a vacuum - travel anywhere in the Maritimes or even the State of Maine, and you'll hear words contained in this site. So, instead of calling it a "Carleton County Dictionary," which would imply that it contained words heard only in Carleton County, using colloquialisms in the title implied familiarity and informality, not exclusivity. Indeed, it took my eventual return home to fully understand that my language, while home-grown in many ways, nevertheless owed much to the culture and vernacular of Atlantic Canada in general. NEXT»

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