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Even though Carleton Countyers live nowhere near the ocean, we still proudly refer to ourselves as Maritimers, so the colloquial connection is further enhanced; it's been oft joked that New Brunswickers are just Newfoundlanders who ran out of money on their way to Toronto; regardless of how true that is, the Atlantic Provinces indeed share many cultural idiosyncracies.

Therefore, as far as the word selection for this book is concerned, we've not so much taken geographical license as we've included a few words that were already pervasive throughout the Maritimes. Yet they remain as representative of Carleton County as B'dayduh Break and Monquart, and speak as well as any other to life in our wonderful corner of the world. All this being said, we've done our best to capture the local flavor of our language. Rest assured that each and every word herein merits polite but blank stares if used in other necks o' the woods, which, for me at least, has been most any region west of the 60th meridian. Our admission criteria are admittedly unscientific, but we've only included words that we believe to be regional to Carleton County first, and New Brunswick second. NEXT»

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