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Submission Guidelines
The CCC is a work of comedy first and an etymological study second (or third, or maybe fourth). The spectacular response we've been getting, coupled with that fact that you've been doing exactly what we've been asking you to do (i.e.: submitting your own entries) has put us in a bit of a dilemma. Actually, we've been faced with it for quite some time now: we're getting several submissions a day, and, quite frankly, not all of them are going to make it into the CCC. So what makes a word worthy? Here's an overview of our entirely non-democratic "system:"

1. We have to like it. Pure and simple. Publication of your word in the CCC is entirely at the whim of The Editors. If you have a problem with that, write your own book.

2. It needs to be unique to the region; that is, colloquial - informal speech that is by and large used only in Carleton County, Northern Maine, and to a lesser extent, New Brunswick in general. NEXT»

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