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jillpoke \'jil-poak\ Also: jilpoke; 1. v - To obstruct the fluid forward movement of a body or process, by sudden or untoward means; "They was goan down the trail when that Christless driveshaft jillpoked, and Donnie hit his head on the jeezly windshield." Jillpoking may occur, e.g., while transporting wood on a sled. A piece of wood may extend downwards to the ground (as a lever) and abruptly halt the forward movement of the sled. This could be a mere annoyance, or very dangerous if the contrasting forces are significant. See also: fetch-up. 2. n - Something that is jillpoked. An unproductive or uncooperative colleague. One who contributes little towards the attainment of the common goals of his fellows. "He's some Geehoverly jillpoke, just sets there dog wettin' all day." NEXT»

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